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MAARS Holiday Cards!

It's a new season for the MAARS Holiday cards! Sold in packs of 18 for $15, the MAARS Holiday Cards feature several of the MAARS birds' personalities captured. The cards are 4" x 6" with the option of "Peace and Joy" or blank on the inside. 100% of proceeds provide food, toys, and medical and cleaning supplies for the MAARS flock.

Preorder now! Delivery starts the 3rd week of November!

Each pack of MAARS Holiday Cards comes with 2 each of the following:


Bizzy Greeting Card


Charlie and Rosco Greeting Card

Charlie & Rosco

Chip and Sampson Greeting Card

Chip & Sampson

Eldo Greeting Card


Harpo Greeting Card


Jasper Greeting Card


Lexi Greeting Card


Rasta Greeting Card


Ravi, Mike, and Emmet Greeting Card

Ravi, Mike, & Emmet




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