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MAARS Feather Cards!

It's time to order your MAARS Feather Cards! Sold in packs of 18 for $15, the MAARS Feather Cards feature feathers from the MAARS flock magnified 100 to 500% for a unique look at the amazing structure of feathers. The cards are 4" x 6" and blank on the inside. 100% of proceeds provide food, toys, and medical and cleaning supplies for the MAARS flock.

Each pack of MAARS Feather Cards comes with 2 each of the following:


Feather 01 Greeting Card

Feather 02 Greeting Card

Feather 03 Greeting Card

Feather 04 Greeting Card

Feather 05 Greeting Card

Feather 06 Greeting Card

Feather 07 Greeting Card

Feather 08 Greeting Card

Feather 09 Greeting Card




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