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Issue 5: August 2002

In This Issue:

• Happy Birthday to MAARS!

• MAARS Accredited by TAOS

• Karen Sabat Joins Board of Directors

• MAARS Offers Bird Care Classes

• MAARS Opens Online Store for Volunteers and Adopters

• MAARS Directors Attend Conferences

  - Avian Welfare Round Table

  - C.H.A.M.P.

  - AAV Conference and Expo

  - National Humane Conference

• Current and Upcoming MAARS Fundraisers

  - MAARS Fall Bulb Fundraiser for the Birds Now Underway

  - MAARS Logo and Bird Art Merchandise Now Available Online

  - Donations Needed for 2nd Annual Silent Auction


Happy Birthday to MAARS

MAARS is three! Since our founding in July 1999, we have made great progress and helped hundreds of captive birds in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, the Midwest, and the entire country find better lives through adoption or sanctuary placement and education of their families and the public. Thank you so much for your support!


MAARS Accredited by TAOS

This summer, MAARS earned the distinct honor of being only the second bird sanctuary and placement facility in the country accredited by The Association of Sanctuaries (TAOS). TAOS was founded in 1992 as a not-for-profit organization to support the work of animal sanctuaries. It works to improve the quality of life of sanctuary animals and to be a voice for change in the attitudes about animals that lead to the need for organizations like MAARS in the first place. TAOS has recently recognized the severity of growing bird homelessness problem, and they invited MAARS Executive Director, Eileen McCarthy, to speak on this issue at their annual conference in April. To earn our accreditation, our incorporation docs, IRS Form 990, annual expenditures, fundraising efforts, policies, procedures, philosophy, animal care guidelines, etc., were reviewed by Craig Brestrup, Ph.D., TAOS Executive Director, and the Landing was inspected by Paul Cooper, DVM, TAOS Board of Directors Member. Our official accreditation now tells the public and our funders that MAARS has met TAOS' high standards of care and operation and has achieved excellence in animal rescue and care and in organizational operations.


Karen Sabat Joins Board of Directors

This spring, our Adoption Coordinator, Karen Sabat, joined the MAARS Board of Directors as our Placement Director. Welcome, Karen!


MAARS Offers Bird Care Classes

On the first Thursday of each month, representatives from MAARS host Bird Care 101 at a separate facility in Bloomington. The class covers the basics of bird care, including how to look for signs of illness and wing and nail trims. Cost for the class is $10 for the general public and free for MAARS Volunteers and people who have adopted from MAARS. For information on these classes or to R.S.V.P, please e-mail


MAARS Opens Online Store for Volunteers and Adopters

We are very pleased to announce that we now have an online Volunteer Store (password-protected) available to our Volunteers and people who have adopted from MAARS. We've always been able to sell high-quality food to our Volunteers, and recently we've added many other products including toys, stands, cages, and much more. If you have adopted a bird from MAARS and are interested in purchasing high-quality bird products from us, please contact Tina at for information on how to order.


MAARS Directors Attend Conferences

Avian Welfare Round Table

Early this June, MAARS Executive Director, Eileen McCarthy, and Vice President, Kathy Pietig, attended the 2nd Annual Avian Welfare Round Table hosted by the Avian Welfare Coalition (AWC) in Arlington, Virginia. The AWC is a diverse grassroots network of representatives from bird adoption, rescue, and sanctuary groups, humane societies, animal advocacy organizations, published research biologists, shelter and research veterinarians, and attorneys and other animal law specialists dedicated to the ethical treatment and protection of birds living in captivity and in their natural habitats. The AWC's goal is to heighten awareness regarding the pet industry's exploitation of parrots and to facilitate cooperation among all its participants in addressing the concerns of captive bird welfare, including preventing the abuse, exploitation, and suffering of captive birds, addressing the crucial issues of rescue, placement, and sanctuary for displaced birds, and supporting efforts to insure the survival of wild birds and the conservation of their natural habitats. Through the cooperation of its participants, the AWC seeks to spur a new avian welfare movement — one that promotes a better understanding of the special characteristics and needs of birds and challenges the status quo of bird-keeping and how captive birds are treated in our society.


August 22–25, MAARS Directors, Eileen McCarthy, Karen Dragon, and Angela Moyer, will attend the Conference on Homeless Animal Management & Policy (C.H.A.M.P.), formerly called the No-Kill Conference, in Reno, Nevada. Eileen will give a presentation on issues specific to bird sheltering, and all three Directors will host an information table. Again this year, C.H.A.M.P. promises to provide a great opportunity for the "bird folks" from MAARS to exchange information with the "dog and cat folks" from more traditional humane groups.

AAV Conference and Expo

August 26–30, MAARS Executive Director, Eileen McCarthy, will represent MAARS and the Avian Welfare Coalition (AWC) at the 23rd Annual Association of Avian Veterinarians Conference and Expo in Monterrey, California. Along with Sybil Erden, Executive Director of The Oasis Sanctuary in Arizona, Eileen will be meeting with several well-known avian veterinarians and researchers to discuss shelter health issues. Since Eileen is not speaking at this event, MAARS will not be helping to pay her travel expenses. If you are interested in making a donation to offset her costs to attend this very important conference, please e-mail her at

National Humane Conference

September 19–22, MAARS Directors, Eileen McCarthy and Karen Sabat, will be attending the National Humane Conference sponsored by the American Humane Association in Denver, Colorado. This conference provides over 50 workshops for animal welfare professionals, shelter veterinarians, and child welfare professionals. Along with representatives from Kindred Spirits Animal Sanctuary from Vancouver, British Columbia, Eileen will present a workshop entitled "Exotics in the Shelter: Birds and Reptiles."


Current and Upcoming MAARS Fundraisers

MAARS Fall Bulb Fundraiser for the BirdsMAARS Fall Bulb Fundraiser for the Birds Now Underway

Fall is the time to plant tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and other spring-blooming bulbs. Prepare your garden for spring beauty now while helping homeless birds! Now through August 31st, MAARS is taking orders from our Twin Cities area supporters for Dutch Gardens bulb packages. 50% of the price of each collection sold goes directly to support MAARS — and it's tax-deductible! Dutch Gardens provides the freshest, highest quality flower bulbs available, and satisfaction is fully guaranteed. Each order will arrive in its own delivery bag with planting and care instructions later in September when the best planting time is near. If you live in the Twin Cities area and would like to order bulbs, contact a MAARS Volunteer, or order online using our secure MAARStore shopping cart. Online orders may be picked up at The Landing in St. Louis Park, or you can arrange to pick up your bulbs from a MAARS Volunteer in your area. Questions? Contact Krista at (651) 641-7592 or Thanks so much to our Twin Cities supporters for contributing to MAARS through this fundraiser! Happy gardening!

MAARS MerchandiseMAARS Logo and Bird Art Merchandise Now Available Online

MAARS has teamed up with to bring you several high-quality logo and bird art merchandise items available for sale online. Our line includes attractive shirts, mugs, hats, and much more. Designs feature original artwork and photography donated by MAARS Volunteers. Proceeds from the sales go to help support the birds at MAARS.

Donations Needed for 2nd Annual Silent Auction

It's hard to believe another summer is winding down and we're already planning our 2nd Annual Silent Auction and Fundraiser Dinner for Friday, November 1st! Last year's event was lots of fun, and we're looking forward to another successful fundraiser this year at the Doubletree Park Place Hotel in St. Louis Park. As a MAARS supporter, you will receive your invitation soon. MAARS is currently accepting donated items for our Silent Auction. Any size item is appreciated, and we would be happy to pick up your donation! Smaller items (e.g., movie tickets, oil change coupons, small restaurant, bakery, or store gift certificates) may be bundled together by region (e.g., Stillwater, Bloomington, or St. Paul packages). We will display each auction item with the name of the company or individual who donated that item. All donations are 100% tax deductible. Please e-mail Linda at if you would like to donate an item, or if you have any questions about this event.


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