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Adopted Cockatiels, Kurt and Upside-Down Girl, celebrate Valentine's Day. (Photo by Jenifer Kramer)

Adopted Cockatiels, Kurt and Upside-Down Girl, celebrate Valentine's Day.

(Photo by Jenifer Kramer)

Issue 14: February 2006

Message from the Executive Director

MAARS Hits the Ground Running in 2006!

Feathered Feature

'Factory Farming' Approach Takes Toll

MAARS News & Events

Thru February 19: Wings Art Exhibit

Basic Bird Care Class Now Held at MAARS!

March 23: Ethics and Animals: Lecture by Peter Singer

April 1: "No Foolin' Around" Spring Clean-up

May 6 & 7: 3rd Annual Avian Behavior Conference & Parrot Behavior Training Workshop

MAARS Visitor Policy Updated

Happy Landings

Mel & Jake Quickly Settle In

Tiki Takes His Time to Trust

Volunteer Highlights

Just How Amazing Are MAARS Volunteers?


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On the Wild Side

Naturalized Quakers: Strangers In A Strange Land

Avian Health & Wellness

Avian Influenza: Get The Facts!

Did You Know?

Top 10 Reasons Birds Are Surrendered to MAARS


Newsletter Team

Editor-in-Chief: Eileen McCarthy

Art Director: Krista Menzel

Contributing Writers: Eileen McCarthy, Jamie McCarthy, Tina McCormick, Krista Menzel, Alayne Rueber, Mira Tweti

Contributing Photographers: Angela Grimes, Marc Johnson, Jenifer Kramer, Eileen McCarthy, Tina McCormick, Dr. Jaime Pajak, Dee Thompson, Mira Tweti




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