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MAARS Turns 13 - Join the 2011 Flock Challenge!

August 23, 2011

Dear Family, Friends, Members, and Supporters :

During these uncertain times MAARS is pleased to celebrate every milestone as it comes! As we enter our teen years MAARS remains strong and forward-looking thanks to our amazing volunteers and supporters. We need and appreciate every one of you and hope you share in the joy of knowing the MAARS flock is cared for, loved and happy.

Our focus remains on caring for the MAARS flock day-to-day, working to improve the lives for all parrots in captivity, and advocating for conservation to keep parrots healthy and safe in the wild.

The articles in this newsletter offer a small sample of the work MAARS volunteers perform every day of the year. Even with a flock of over 110 birds, every bird is treated like the unique individual they are and our volunteers succeed at making a difference in their lives. 

To continue to perform our unique and groundbreaking work, MAARS needs your help. The Flock has issued a challenge to all of our volunteers and supports – a challenge we know you can meet. Click on the 2011 MAARS Flock Challenge link below for details.

Please join us, share our vision, and support our dedication to providing sanctuary, advocacy and rehabilitation to wild birds living in captivity. 


Eileen McCarthy, Chief Executive Officer


Ravi: The Blue Fighting Miracle


Rascal: The Funny Wrestler


Whistle: A Survivor's Story


Breaking New Ground: Parrots and PTSD


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