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Happy Holidays from MAARS!

December 25, 2009

Dear Family, Friends, Members, and Supporters :

I know it's been a while since you've heard from us, but this has been an unusually busy year for all of us and, perhaps, many of you, too.

MAARS began its second decade in 2009 by making its boldest move yet! Last January, MAARS moved the whole flock — over 130 birds — across town to a new, permanent home on the east side of St. Paul. With the help of friends and supporters like you, a lot of legwork, and a little luck, MAARS was very fortunate to become the owner of a great building — a valuable property that has established a solid financial foundation upon which the future of MAARS can be built.

The facilty's additional office, meeting and classroom spaces offer the organization many opportunities to move forward in fulfilling its mission and expanding the programs in the fulfillment of its mission and ensuring that The Landing will always be here for birds in need. The building's multilevel floorplan contributed to an improved environment and quality of life for the birds, providing multiple rooms to house compatible flocks, abundant natural light, and a large, central area to accommodate the daily tasks necessary for the facility to operate in accordance with MAARS' high standards. 

During the first ten months in the new building, our volunteers donated countless hours of their time -- knocking down old walls and building new ones to expand housing space, relocating doorways to ensure safety, installing non-porous flooring in every bird room, and painting - always painting! As MAARS enters its second decade, there are many plans for the future and further facility renovations -- including 2 enclosure-free exercise rooms, an outdoor, roof-top aviary surrounded by natural flora and sunshine for use in mild weather, and a veterinary medical clinic, hospital and quarantine area. Additionally, there are projects that must be carried out in order to maintain the building, increase its energy efficiency, and add to the value of the property. We are considering the construction of a new, green roof over part of the building, installment of a high-quality HVAC system, and exterior remodeling that will bring even more natural light indoors and, at the same time, add value to the building and contribute to the neighborhood's beautification and revitalization programs, as a welcomed new member of the local community.

There is still much to do in fulfilling our vision for MAARS, The Landing and the Flock. But we cannot make that vision tangible, or achieve the organization's goals, without your contributions. By becoming a member or sponsor, you become the brick and mortar of MAARS and The Landing - and share in offering a healing home and flock for those who may have never know either - or have, perhaps, lost both.

Please join us, share our vision, and support our dedication to providing sanctuary, advocacy and rehabilitation to wild birds living in captivity.

Warm wishes for very Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year! 


Eileen McCarthy, Chief Executive Officer


P.S. Look for our next full eNewsletter at the end of January! We'll fill you in on the details of all we've accomplished in 2009 and announce some exciting new programs commencing in 2010! 


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